Pvc aluminium window door manufacturing machinery

Pvc aluminium window door manufacturing machinery from WOLFTECH MACHINE

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Pvc Aluminium Window Machinery for uPvc Window and Door

Everywhere and every time: The machines make the different


WOLFTECH MACHINE has been well known for 40 years for quality systems for cutting and machining aluminium. Nowadays, WOLFTECH MACHINE heads a group of same name WOLF Group, a pool of 3 subsidiary and associate companies, structured with a view to carrying out all the stages in the production process with the group’s own resources. The result is a vast range of products, running from machine tools for cutting and machining aluminium, light alloy and PVC profiles to frame construction and assembly machine tools, and custom-designed and built machining centres, cutting and machining lines. The group also offers management software and a wide range of services tailored to meet customers’ needs in full. 150 people are employed by the WOLF Group.



All spare parts have 2 years guarantee (Wolftech electric motors inclusive)



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