Wolftech Machine Pvc Aluminium Profile Window Processing Machines

Everywhere and every time: The machines make the different

 WOLFTECH MACHINE has been well known for 40 years for quality systems for cutting and machining aluminium. Nowadays, WOLFTECH MACHINE heads a group of same name WOLF Group, a pool of 3 subsidiary and associate companies, structured with a view to carrying out all the stages in the production process with the group’s own resources.


The result is a vast range of products, running from machine tools for cutting and machining aluminium, light alloy and PVC profiles to frame construction and assembly machine tools, and custom-designed and built machining centres, cutting and machining lines. The group also offers management software and a wide range of services tailored to meet customers’ needs in full. 150 people are employed by the WOLF Group.

Our company can develop products according to demands of our customers and operates in the field of Pvc Aluminium processing machinery with its 150 expert staff in a total open area of 3000 m2 and closed area of 3500 m2.

Wolftech Machine  produces machines with high performance and maximum quality by using technological possibilities and put them on market with economical prices. Wolftech Machine maintains its activities succesfully in the markets of certain countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Kazakistan, Iraq, Iran, Bahrain, UAE, India, Spain, Poland, Italy, Qatar, Brazil, Angola, Chile, Vietnam, Germany

Wolftech Pvc Aluminium Profile Processing Machinery
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